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Few individuals can devote sufficient attention to their personal income tax preparation.  Your tax concessions are being reduced on a regular basis.


But the fact is, most individuals pay unnecessarily high taxes and since most people enjoy so few perks, it is really vital to ensure that your income tax preparation results in you paying the minimum legal tax.


Our goal goes beyond just preparing your tax return, but to help you comply with tax obligations through proactive tax planning.  Our services are tailor made to your benefit.



Tax Filing for Individuals


Late Filing



Tax Filing for Individuals


Late Filing



Complimentary 1-hour consultation.  Let's find all the deductions and credits you may be entitled to!  Using appropriate strategies, let's maximize their impact and reduce taxes.


Complimentary 1-hour consultation.  There are many reasons individuals fall behind in filing.  Let us help you catch up!  Missing slips?  We can help.


Final tax return preparation and filing.

T3 Estate Tax Returns.

Clearance Certificate preparation.


Review of Prior Year Returns


The Self-Employed


HST Tax Returns

Review of Prior Year Returns


The Self- Employed


HST Tax Returns

Was something missed in prior years?  Let us check.

You may qualify for credits you have not yet applied for or you  may have found errors or omissions on other years' returns.  We can help!


Tax preparation is not just data entry on tax software!  There are rules and requirements for the supporting documents and deductions.  We provide exceptional education through TAX CLASS! and A FRESH START workshop.


Quarterly or Annual.

Preparation and filing; you are provided with a spreadsheet of expenses by category, and the updating of your complimentary HST document binder.




Tax Class!


U.S. Tax Preparer


A Fresh Start Workshop

Complimentary 60-minute presentation to groups of taxpayers (individuals or the self-employed).  We explore the reporting of income, deductions and credits.

Additionally, for the self-employed, we review common expense categories.

Small Business Tax Write Off's

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If you are a Canadian resident and have had 30% tax withheld from lottery or gaming winnings in the US, some or all of the tax may be recovered.

In-House US Tax Preparer

Click here for details on claiming a refund for US taxes withheld




A 90-minute investment in time.

A $100 + HST investment in money.


A simple filing system, an HST reporting binder, and a reference document for allowed expenses. An in-depth look at most categories of business expenses, discussion about rules and requirements for reporting.

A Fresh Start Tax Workshop

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Canadian Tax Preparation Fee Schedule

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