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If you're self-employed, you have many more options for tax planning than if you're an employee.  However, determining whether you're self-employed or employed is not always cut and dried.






If you're self employed, you'll generally control many aspects of the services you provide, often including when, where and how you work.





A self-employed person can often be replaced and is not so integral to the business that his or her absence would jeopardize the success of the business.


Ownership of Tools

A self-employed person generally provides his or her own tools.


Financial Risk

A self-employed person bears the risk of loss but also reaps the rewards of profit.


Being a self-employed or independent contractor has many benefits and risks.


On the positive side, you can claim valid business expenses to reduce your taxable income, may be able to work at home and can have more freedom to control when and how you work.


Second, when you are self-employed you are responsible for taking care of bookkeeping, tax filings, any required licensing and record-keeping.


Annette Douglas has been a tax preparer for over 25 years.  She works with financial advisors and their clients, families, the employed, sole proprietors, the elderly, estates and many others.


She is becoming known as The Realtorís Tax Preparer, providing GST/HST returns, annual tax returns, as well as industry-specific tax classes and organizational sessions for many agents.


With four generations of referrals over many years, her business evolved into a full-time passion and operates in a commercial space in Burlington.  Annette has more than 20 years experience in financial services, is bilingual (French), and is a member of the Efile Association of Canada.


Deduct This!  A Fresh Start Tax Workshop


Mile IQ Milage Tracking App


Complimentary Tax Class for Brokers

Deduct This!  A Fresh Start


Mileage Tracking App


Complimentary Tax Class for Brokers

A Fresh Start is a workshop for the Self-Employed and Home-based Business Owners.  This hands-on workshop provides the filing system, valuable information on the rules for most categories of business expenses as well as personal tax credits and deductions.


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As a real estate agent, you are targeted by Canada Revenue Agency, for not logging your business use of your vehicle.  MileIQ is a very simple phone app that you can use every day, to assign your drives!  Stress-free logging. Accurate mileage reports. All in the palm of your hand.


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Book my complimentary 60-minute presentation for your agents.  This session takes a look at income reporting, deductions,

credits and business expenses for both experienced and new real estate agents!


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Understanding Meals and Entertainment Deduction


Canadian Tax Information To Bring Us

Meals and Entertainment Receipts


What to bring to us

The general rule for deductions related to meals and entertainment expenses is that you can deduct up to 50% of the cost of meals and entertainment, or "an amount that is reasonable in the circumstances", whichever is less.


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So you have made a tax preparation with Annette Douglas.  But do you know exactly which tax documents you will need to bring to the office?  Getting organized for your appointment is often the most difficult step and our handy checklist has everything you will need.


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Annette Douglas Tax Preparation

Annette Douglas Tax Preparation